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If you have the desire to serve our Lord, and play some sort of instrument and/or sing, the music ministry at St. Joachim is the place for you. On this page you will find answers to some common questions regarding music ministry at St. Joachim. Feel free to scroll down and find the question which you may have as well as the answer!


When/Where do you rehearse?


Morning Choir (10:00 mass) and Evening Choir (5:00 Sundays) rehearse together every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:30 in the Music-Room, adjacent to the Library on the lower floor of the new school building. We rehearse again 1 hour before mass each week.


For St. Joachim Student Choir, please see the bulletin or contact Andrew Everson for details (949) 574-7400 ext 413 or


Do I have to be able to read music in order to join?


No. Although being able to read music is a big help, it is not a requirement. Many musicians in our group find other ways to learn the repertoire, usually by bringing a recording device with them to rehearsal. We also have a rehearsal web site where each week’s rehearsal is recorded and posted so that members can log in to review material for mass each week.


Must I be at rehearsals in order to sing at Mass?


Generally, yes, although some exceptions can be made for musicians who are experienced and can be relied upon to do the necessary work in preparing for a given mass. New musicians to the choir should attend all rehearsals in order learn the repertoire so they can properly serve at the Mass and get to know the people and the system. Those aspiring to perform solo work should endeavor to make rehearsal a strong priority.


Does the Music Ministry provide music instruction?


Generally, no. Although some instruction regarding sight-singing is done during the year, the primary focus of the groups is to prepare material for the Mass celebration and other events throughout the year. Vocalists can join the choir with no prior musical training, though they should seek out some professional vocal instruction if they are serious about singing. Instrumentalists need to be reasonably competent on their chosen instrument.


What are the age requirements?


Officially we can only take those over the age of 18 into the choirs, however on rare occasions we can accept an exceptionally talented youth as long as they can responsibly handle the task and so long as they are accompanied by a legal guardian at all rehearsals/masses.

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